Personal Stylist & Image Consultant, based in Sheffield, UK


As with many, my love for style, fashion and beauty blossomed from a young age, although admittedly at first, my style was very questionable. With experiments on fashion, and endless shopping adventures I refined my personal style over the years to gain confidence and understanding of what suited me, and to what most definitely did not. Even though I can spend hours admiring the latest designer pieces in glossy magazines, my heart (and purse) are well and truly invested in the high street greats.

After working in the retail and fashion industries, I studied at the London College of Style. My love for styling and fashion grew and my passion has become my career.

For me, personal styling is as much about getting to know each client as it is about the clothes we choose. It is important to me, that I learn my client’s fears and desires, how they feel about their style and themselves, and more so, how they wish to feel. As a new mum myself, i have faced the challenges of adapting your style to your life and struggling with the changes to your body and effect on your confidence. 


With each client poses new and interesting challenges, enabling myself to continually develop. I strive to provide each client with a tailor made experience. Nothing drives me more than to see the transformation of the most reluctant of shoppers to a confident, unique and stylish individual.

Our style and image can effect the way we are perceived, opportunities and how we succeed in many aspects of our life. It is my passion to help bring a client into their own authenticity and develop their innate sense of style. 

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