Dressing the bump…

There is no one I feel more for in a heat wave, than a pregnant woman. I’ve been there, i understand the struggle, and considering a whole load of ladies I know are pregnant it only seemed fitting to dedicate this month’s blog post to them!

When I was pregnant in 2015, my experience with maternity clothing was limited to say the least. The brands I loved either didn’t do a maternity range or were more than what I was willing to pay for a few months wear. There was also very little that I actually liked; and a lot of check shirts or striped tops. I attempted to avoid maternity clothes by wearing larger sizes or stretching out my existing wardrobe. This only led to some questionable looks and an unhappy pregnant woman!

However, since then maternity fashion has come a long way. My favourite maternity brands are ASOS, Boohoo, H&M, New Look, Mamalicious, Glamorous, Topshop and Next.

I would recommend when buying maternity clothes, to start with a good maternity bra. Not only will it feel better but your ever growing mammary’s will look better. It’s also practical and savvy to try and get maternity clothes with nursing capability for after the baby arrives (if you’re breastfeeding), this applies to the bra’s too. The clips on maternity/nursing bras are game changers! Take it from someone who tried to stay in their regular bra! Also, treat yourself to some massive pants, although they may not be the most appealing, you will live in them for weeks after birth.

Finally, there is that awkward phase, (usually during the beginning of the second trimester) where you don’t quite look pregnant but neither does your body look the same as before. For this period I would recommend loose fitted tops, camisoles and wrap dresses. If you can still fit it your regular jeans but the button is uncomfortable I used a hair band looped round the button and through the hole to keep them up. It’s great for those ‘in between’ months until you really have to commit to an elastic waist band.

So here is a collection of some of my favourite summer maternity pieces, I’ve also added in a few practical items for comfort!

Click on the images for a closer look, and to see the brand & price.


Tops …

Jumpsuits & Bottoms…

*during pregnancy may be the only time its acceptable to wear dungaree’s during adult life!

Beachwear & Swimwear…

The necessities… pj’s are a must have, especially the first few weeks after birth, and a good vest top is the basis of most casual outfits, it can worn to relax at home or can be dressed up to go out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s blog. Good luck to all the gorgeous mummies and if you have any questions or need any help get in touch.

Love Frankie xx

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