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All my services offered can be tailored to your specific needs. I understand that style and personal image can be a sensitive matter, all my clients are treat with full discretion and your time with me is confidential.

For availability and payment plans please contact me for details.

Style Starter Package

The perfect duo to kick start your style! A body shape and colour consultation together, is the best way to invigorate your own sense of style and give you a fresh perspective. This will help you see your own wardrobe in a new light and make shopping so much easier. You will receive a personalised colour and body shape guide with tips and hints. 

The package consultation is 3 hours and costs £100. This saves you £40 compared to booking separately. 

Style Makeover Package

Whatever life changes may have been thrown at you, sometimes we can find ourselves in a total style rut. We become so used to putting others first we often forget about ourselves. How you dress can drastically improve how you feel, not only about how you look but the confidence it can give you to tackle all types of situations. 

This package is a wardrobe style session, personal shopping session, body and colour consultation combined. This can take place in one day or be split into two or three sessions. Typically, the package involves an hour body shape and colour consultation, a 3 hour wardrobe revamp and a 3 hour personal shopping trip. 

This package will completely change the way you feel about getting dressed and most importantly how you feel about yourself. Not only will you get a total style boost, you will get a guaranteed confidence boost. After all, don't you deserve it! 

The style make over package is £450 and can be paid in installments. 

Personal Styling - Wardrobe Revamp

The perfect service to revive your wardrobe! We will start by assessing your body shape and colouring. Then we will reignite your style and put together new outfits from your existing wardrobe, and look at what may no longer suit you. This is ideal if you are feeling stuck in a style rut and want to kick start a change. I will organise and arrange your wardrobe for ease of practical dressing and after the session you will receive a personalised style guide with your own 'go-to' outfits, perfect for when you are in a rush or don't know what to wear! 

A styling session will take place at your home. The duration depends upon the size of your wardrobe, I usually allow 3-5 hours.

Prices start from £200

Personal Shopping

A little help goes a long way. Personal shopping is the perfect service whether you are looking for a specific occasion, need a new season wardrobe or a total style over haul. I will be doing the heavy lifting (carrying the bags), and searching high and low for items that suit your needs, personality, colouring, body shape and most importantly your own style. It's the perfect way to put the fun back into shopping and you will also receive a complimentary coffee (or Prosecco)!

I usually recommend a 3 hour session if you have an event/occasion in mind, or a 4-6 hour session for a wardrobe update. Prices start from £60.

Body Shape Consultation

Body confidence doesn't come from trying to achieve the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you have. Whatever your body hang ups, we will work together to assess your body shape and discuss understanding your body, the best styles to suit your shape and also ways to improve your body confidence. 

At the end of the session you will receive your own personalised body shape guide with styling hints and tips. 

This uplifting consultation takes between 1-2 hours and can be held at your home or my office. Price is £60. 

I offer a Body Confidence workshop, predominately aimed at women and girls. However, this can be tailored to your group. The workshops involve participation and offer a great opportunity for people to speak openly about their own body issues and hang ups and gain advice on how to over come those issues and learn to accept and love our bodies in a healthy way. 

The workshops are available for a variety of groups including schools. This is a bespoke service so please contact for prices and availability via email

Colour Consultation

Ever worn a top that makes you feel washed out? Dyed your hair, when you really wished you hadn't? Your natural skin colouring is perfect for you, and the colours we wear can either work with you or against you. Wearing the right colours for you can drastically improve not only your appearance, but also your mood.

This is based around a 60-90 minutes consultation where we look at your skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and personality to determine which colours suit you best and enhance your natural beauty. The differences are incredible and can completely change the way you dress and feel. Once we determine your colours I can show you how to choose outfits based on the colours discussed.


1-2 hour Colour Consultation is £80

Fashion & Commercial Styling

For fashion and commercial styling please contact


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