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Happy summer to all my lovely readers and clients. As we reach the middle of August, i always begin to think of the new school year and the inevitable onset of Autumn. This year, however, it’s not so ‘doom and gloom’; we’ve had a fantastic summer and for once i’m looking forward to the change in season. Although I have to admit, this has a lot to do with all the new season fashion releases. So i thought what better to write about than the upcoming trends and styles for Autumn/Winter 2018.

50 Shades of Tan

If ever there was a colour that to me describes Autumn, it would be tan. This colour will be all over the high street and in a variety of shades. If you fancy hitting two trends at once, where the colour head to toe! Click on the images for a closer look…

Check your Stripes

Whether you’re a fan or checks or a fan of stripes… either way you’re in luck. Both are pretty much going to be in every high street store in a plethora of styles, colours and designs. Go big and go bold! Think what would Cher (Clueless not the singer) do…?

Sterling Silver

Not for the faint hearted, silver and iridescent tones were a big trend of the catwalk and are likely to work there way to the high street. Perhaps best worn on a night out or if you are feeling bold try some of the styles below.

Tweed…le Dee

Usually reserved for very sophisticated ladies, gentry and Chanel. Tweed is not something you see all that often on the high street. However, this season may be an exception.

Top to Toe Colour…

Quite simply put, this trend is all about picking a colour and running with it. Think shoes, bag, socks, the works. Personally i would try a few different shades of a colour to break it up, real life is not the same as the catwalk. This is definitely a trend where you need to know which colours suit you best.


Another trend which is pretty self explanatory. This season’s catwalk showed that layering is going to be the trendiest way to wrap up during the colder months. Hoodies are still socially acceptable and look even better worn under your winter coat. What better excuse to wear two coats at once..?


Last but certainly not least, perhaps set to be the biggest trend of the season, Animal Print. And not just the usual leopard print coats we see. Oh no, we’re talking snake, zebra, and even tiger prints. A whole host of different animal prints will be coming to the high street head to toe. So if you just want to dip a little toe in the jungle, try an animal print bag or shoe. If your animal instincts are a little stronger then go for it!

Cardigans are also set to be big for Autumn/Winter, along with equestrian/wild west style. Logos are going to have their moment in the fashion spotlight too. As for boots, think white or cream leather.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s post! Whichever trend or style you go for, feel free to send me your new season selfies!

Love Frankie xx

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